Sylvia Saavedra-Keber, Senior Associate, Community Capacity Building, is an expert in community building, community organizing, and educating and mobilizing communities of color. She previously served for over thirteen years as the executive director of a Latino organization in the Greater Boston area which focuses on the cultural, social, economic and educational development of Latinos affected by poverty. Ms. Saavedra-Keber has taken leadership roles in community efforts that have been successful in the areas of immigrant voting rights, housing, accessibility to education, equal employment opportunity, and quality health care, including accessibility to interpretation and translation services. A community trainer and mediator, Ms. Saavedra-Keber is a member of the Community Dispute Settlement Center of Cambridge and is a board member of the Cambridge Foundation. She is the former Assistant Director of the Immigrant Unit at the Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants, and she also served for many years as the Equal Employment Opportunity Director for the Massachusetts Department of Employment and Training.