FreyJoseph P. Frey, Senior Project Director, Senior Associate for National School Reform, is responsible for key CTAC education initiatives relating to teacher evaluation, teacher licensure and certification, performance-based compensation, teacher preparation, state-to-district and state-to-school assistance, and college readiness. Mr. Frey previously served as the Deputy Commissioner, New York State Education Department (NYSED), Office of Higher Education. His prior positions included the Associate Commissioner, NYSED, Office of Higher Education, and Assistant Commissioner, NYSED, Office of Quality Assurance. Mr. Frey made substantial contributions to the successful New York State Race to the Top grant award, and NYSED’s successful Teacher Incentive Fund grant award. Additional career highlights include Smart Early College High School Program and implementation of an initiative to transform school leadership in New York State. Mr. Frey developed a data-driven Statewide Plan for Higher Education that engaged all four sectors and a data-driven approach to policy decisions in higher education in New York State. He has played a leadership role in the creation of the state teacher supply and demand analysis. He worked on the development of the Regents’ Teaching Policy, Teaching to Higher Standards: New York’s Commitment and was responsible for the implementation of the plan and development of the first alternative teacher preparation program in New York State’s history.