McRobbieJoan McRobbie, Senior Associate, National School Reform, is responsible for projects on teacher evaluation and compensation reform in several states. Ms. McRobbie is a senior leader on student learning objective (SLO) policy and practice in educator evaluation and performance-based compensation systems. Previously, she served as Chief of Staff and Ethics Officer in the San Diego Unified School District. She has held senior policy and communications positions at WestEd, focused especially on issues of urban school systems and their leadership. Her work has included studies of student achievement within and across states, analyses of the context, policies, structures, and practices affecting achievement. She has published numerous policy studies and briefs and convened multi-state policy seminars to provide policymakers with the best research and thinking on issues of urgent concern. She was a Lucius N. Littauer Fellow at Harvard University, and, previously, as a journalist, she won numerous national, state, and regional awards.